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...Because one size does not fit all

While all Assisted living facilities offer meal service, help with laundry and housekeeping, assistance with medication, nursing oversight, help with personal service needs and leisure activities, there are some major differences in residences. Finding the right place goes beyond lavish living rooms and beautifully decorated dining rooms.

Some people may want to relocate to a large complex with all the amenities cloistered on the retirement campus. They want firm policies applied across the board for everybody, schedules that are inflexible and the security of knowing their community is exactly the same as a hundred others across the nation.

But maybe you want something different... an apartment that's easy to find, people who know what you like and want, know when you want it and are happy to get it for you. Maybe you want a neighborhood where you know your neighbors and they know you, where people have time to talk and to listen. Maybe you'd like the security of knowing there's flexibility to meet changing health needs right down the hall if you should happen to need skilled nursing or therapy to get back on your feet.

"Home is not where you live, but where they understand you."
-- Christian Morganstern

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Trouble with any of these areas may indicate it's time for a change...

  • Forgetting to take medications or having trouble managing them
  • A fall, an accident, or simply not thriving
  • Isolation
  • Trouble driving and getting around
  • Difficulty with meals, significant weight loss or weight gain
  • Not feeling safe to live alone
Summit Place Assisted Living
2901 Connelly Ave.
Bellingham, WA 98225
Phone: (360) 738-8447

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